Historical Background
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    The Fund Raising Bureau was officially established on October 1, 1972. Formerly, the clerical staffs of the Relief Section were assigned to be responsible for the organizing of Annual Red Cross Fair. But ultimately heavy workloads prevented them from performing this task, and the Relief Section was asked to have responsibility transferred to the Central Bureau, the Fund Raising and Annual Red Cross Fair Unit. Later on, expansion of fund raising activities necessitated the creation of a separate agency, and on September 8, 1972,

    Mom Kobkaew Abhakara, Chairperson of Fund Raising committee at that time, proposed, at the 157th Council Meeting of the Thai Red Cross Society, that the Fund Raising and Annual Red Cross Fair Unit be renamed the Fund Raising Division. The new agency was then responsible for raising funds to be used in carrying out Thai Red Cross activities.

    Thai Red Cross President, Her Majesty Queen Sirikit graciously appointed the Chairperson of Fund Raising Committee, Mom Kobkaew Abhakara , as the first Director of The Fund Raising Division. In 1977 she resigned from the position, Professor Dr. M.L. Kashetra Snidvongs, M.D., then the Thai Red Cross Secretary - General, took over as Acting Director for six years. On January 1, 1982, Thanpuying Nualpong Senanarong was graciously appointed the Director of the Fund Raising Division and was in the position until 1997.

    The Fund Raising Division has now been renamed the Fund Raising Bureau, as specified in the Articles of the Thai Red Cross Society B.E. (2539) 1996, and is presently under the directorship of M.R. Priyangsri Wattanakun.

Publish 20-01-2022

Core Value : " G I V E " ( G = Growth , I = Innovation , V = Volunteer , E = Ethics )
Organization Structure
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